About Us

Come over to Macedonia and help us.
Acts 16:9.

This was the plea that the Apostle Paul heard in a vision that led him to Philippi to establish that great church there. We may never know what would have happened if he hadn’t obeyed the Spirit’s call, but we know great things were accomplished by his obedience.
In the fall of 1999, Gene Short heard a similar call to Utah. God initially gave him and his wife, Janet, a taste of what He wanted them to do in this land, but they have heard and understood more even as they have been obedient in the steps He has given them thus far. The Shorts established churches in two towns about 15 miles apart (Provo and Lehi), and continued to oversee them as they grew and flourished in the Holy Spirit. Sadly, the church in Lehi has closed their doors at least temporarily. The Shorts' assignment is to establish a Christian presence in at least ten cities.

The Holy Spirit has shown the Shorts to begin taking these cities for Christ by establishing Houses of Prayer in them. There are currently Houses of Prayer in Lehi, Provo, Orem and Santquin . The Shorts are praying for the Lord to send in or reveal saints who would be willing to move into more cities and allow their homes to be used for Houses of Prayer. Not only does that get the people in a specific area praying for their area, but the home becomes a haven into which the people of the neighborhood can come without feeling the threat of going to “another church.”

In addition to the church and the Houses of Prayer, Light the Way Utah hosts two major events each year: Utah for Jesus, which occurs on the days surrounding July 4, each summer, is a mass outreach to the people of Utah County. Groups of people come in from all over the world, from exotic places as far away as New Zealand, Bulgaria and Delta, Utah. For ten days we pass out tens of thousands of tracts and flyers during Provo's Freedom Festival. We have services in the parks in the area and work with other churches to follow up those who give their lives to the Lord.  The Utah Prayer Summit is held in the autumn each year.  It is a time when we invite people with a heart for intercession to come to Utah and join with us in asking the Lord for His heart and His plan to reach the people here.

The Shorts have five children. Geoff and Britteny Matero live in Anchorage, Alaska. with their two sons, Daniel and Jude. Benson and Joanie Short live in Silverton, Oregon, with their daughter Elayne,amd their sons Elisha and Terence. Stephen and Emily Ward live with their sons, Titus and Quinten and daughter Kadence, in Bryan, Texas. Everett and Abby Vangsnes currently live in Portland, Oregon. Luke is in Orem with his parents, working full time in the church as worship leader and youth pastor, as well as running Timpanogos Caffe, a ministry coffee shop located in north Orem. Luke and Joanna have one daughter, Eleanor.