Utah for Jesus

We have been in Utah eleven years now (wow!) preaching the good news of Jesus. It has not been easy, but we have seen a spiritual change and many salvations. Thank you for believing in us and sowing in this field.
Our annual Utah for Jesus! outreach is scheduled for July 1-4 in Provo. We are working hard at the plans for making this the best year yet for reaching the lost of Utah County for Jesus. We believe the past six years have been significant in the spiritual realm as years of plowing, cultivating and sowing the seed of the Word of God. But we are ready to call in the harvest!

Please give some prayerful consideration to helping us out during these four days of intensive outreach. We need extensive prayer covering. The enemy is not unaware of our plans, and while we are confident that we are victorious, it is still good to be remembered to the Lord for protection and success.
We need people to come help with the work. We have asked the Father for 100 people to come knock doors, do children’s ministry, help with food and do whatever else is needed for this outreach.

Please join us in prayer, in coming to help or in finances so that we can continue to touch these Mormons with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Consider being part of this outreach in the coming years. For more information contact us:

The Way, an International Fellowship
PO Box 699
Orem, UT 84059
(801) 494-1731